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SDRD manufacturers the best Down The Hole (DTH) bits to fit the most popular DTH hammers for drilling in
Water well, mining, construction, & quarrying industries. The bits are found to be the best favorite for drilling engineers in many countries because of their precision designs and efficient drilling during usage.
SDRD manufactures different type of bits for different applications.

These comes in a range of

• Indy 100 A Dedicated Tool For 10”(254mm) – 12” (305mm) Drilling and suitable with SD-10 Bit.


SDRD manufacturers the DTH bits suitable for the following standard hammers.

Hammer types
Size of the bit
(In mm)
Face design
Smart-6 152-215 mm Flat/concave
Panther 115-152 mm Flat/concave
Mach-4 115-152 mm Flat/concave
Cop-42 102-125 mm Flat/concave
Cop-62 152-204 mm Flat/concave
DHD-340A 102-125 mm Flat/concave
DHD-350 120-152 mm Flat/concave
SD-6 152-216 mm Flat/concave
DHD-360 152-216 mm Flat/concave
SD-8 204-254 mm Flat/concave
SD-10 254-305 mm Flat/concave
Numa 254-305 mm Flat/concave

SDRD bits are computer designed engineered and manufactured for superior penetration while maintaining the cleaning action at the face of the bit, thus extending the working life of the product.